Welcome to JCA Highlands!

***If you are interested in one of the 2 Spring 2024 bulls, please send me a message from our contact page******

**** Update- FTH MOO WEST had a Black Bull Calf on 4.16.2024.  I will be posting pictures of him soon on our Calves For Sale page *****  He is SOLD!!!!

****UPDATE-LSR Starlight had a Silver bull calf on 3.15.2024.  Check out our ‘Calves for Sale’ page for more information. *****  He is SOLD!!!!

****UPDATE- FTH Belle Starr had a Dunn heifer calf on 4.6.2024. Check out our Calves for Sale page for more information on her availability*****  SHE IS SOLD!!!

****UPDATE- FTH Annie Oakley had a Dunn heifer calf on 4.1.2024.  Check out our Calves for Sale page for more information on her availability. *****  SHE IS SOLD!!

JCA Highlands is located in the central part of Kansas. Jacob and Christi Abel started JCA Highlands in the spring of 2015 when they got their first three highlands. We have a small fold of highlands and only sell calves, which usually are born in the spring and fall. Please visit the Calves for Sale page to see what we have available or Contact Us. Our Scottish Highlands are not miniatures or minis, they are regular size highlands. All our Scottish Highlands are registered through the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA).

JCA Highlands prides itself in having Highlands with outstanding bloodlines and quality genetics and we strive to produce calves that have excellent conformation and are beautiful to look at in the pastures. Temperament is extremely important to us, and we have prioritized sound, stable dispositions.

Our cows trust us with their calves, and because of that, we can handle them from the very beginning. We try to get the calves used to us by being around them and by walking the pastures, and brushing mom, so they see us and hear us on a daily basis. We never pull calves from their moms to make bottle babies, staying with mom is the best.

Jacob and Christi are members of American Highland Cattle Association and the Heartland Highland Cattle Association.