Buying a Calf from Us

Why purchasing a calf from JCA Highlands is more than just getting a calf.  We will sponsor you for the first year into the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA) and Heartland Highland Cattle Association (HHCA) unless you are already members. When we wean them, we take them to our vet to get shots, wormed, weighed, tattoos and necessary paperwork if traveling out of state. All of our calves will be DNA through AHCA to have Parent Verification (PV,D), this ensures integrity of our breeding program. All calves go to their new homes halter trained or having been worked with the halter. We also have special ear tags for each calf with their name on it. If we have not already named the calf, we will ask for you to name them so we can get their ear tag made and ready to be put in their ear before they leave our farm. Our motto is quality over quantity as we only have a few select calves available to the public in a given year. We also give our absolute best to our buyers in terms of support for their purchase and we are forever a resource to those buyers for all their needs. We love getting pictures of your calves and hearing about them. To view the previous calves page, click on the link here previous calves.

One thing we do not do, we do not take calves away from their dams and make bottle babies, we do not believe this is good or ethical unless something has happened to the mother.  It is extremely cruel to do this and it is usually done by people who breed “mini’s”.   Our calves stay with mom for a minimum of 6 months.  

We do have a contract we use when you buy a calf from us. Our deposits are refundable, minus $500. We do have to resale the calf in order to refund the deposit. It is all spelled out in the contract.