Toby was born September 21, 2022

FTH Tobermory Pedigree and AHCA Registration information

We acquired Toby and his half brother Smoky in the summer of 2023. They are all LEA breeding and we jumped on the chance to get them. We really only wanted one, but they are so much alike, and Christi liked Toby and Jacob liked Smoky. Guess we will let them grow out and see how they turn out. Our 2 youngest heifers, Raven and Lottie, will be visiting these boys in the summer of 2024.  We will continue updating with pictures as they mature.

A quick story on Toby’s name. His mother is LEA Ledaig. The 18 year old Ledaig scotch whiskey represents the rebirth of the whiskey style that was originally produced by the Tobermory distillery. This is how Toby got his name!