Meet the Girls of JCA Highlands

JCA Highlands has six cows and two heifers in our fold. We have some of the most superb genetics and bloodlines in our fold.  Structure, conformation, and temperament are the most important aspects of a highland, to us. 

We will have four cows that will calve the spring of 2024 and our heifers, Wendy and Fiona will be breed the summer of 2024 for spring calves in 2025. We try to plan to have calves in the spring and fall but sometimes things do not always go as planned. I will try to update each cow/heifer page when we know when they will be calving.  All our cows are superb mothers and take excellent care of their calves.  Since our cows are used to us, they allow us to examine the calves once they are born and make sure that everything is all right with the calf and check if it is a bull or heifer. 

Each picture will take you to each cows/heifer page. Click on a picture to take you to their page.