Fiona was born on September 30, 2016

JCA Starbright Pedigree and AHCA Registration Information

Fiona was the first calf born at JCA Highlands. Her mother is LSR Starlight (Starry) and you can view her on her page. Fiona was the cutest calf that we had ever seen.  We loved watching her as a calf and she cemented our love for the breed.  Fiona is Scottish for white and that is how she got her name.  Once Fiona got old enough, it was so hard to tell her and her mother apart.  You really can tell they are mother and daughter.  Both Starry and Fiona are eye catching and stunning!  I had always wanted white highlands and I am so glad these are the ones we have.  

Fionas dad Cheek’s Sunset Sambo